We Make Your Vision a Reality

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into commerce,
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Grounded in Developing Communities

We Make Your Vision a Reality


Base Companies is a full-service development, consulting and construction management firm. We will work with you to cultivate your vision. We will aid you in the design process to bring your exact specifications to life. This is one of the most crucial pieces of our business.


Base Companies has a passion for revitalizing existing buildings and developing new mixed-use commercial, retail and office spaces throughout Northeast Wisconsin. We bring even the most complex land-use challenges and turn them into successful community enhancing developments.


Marketing is one of our strong suits. We treat each investment as if it were our own and will do everyhting in our power to ensure it is a succesful one. We are only as successful as our partners.


Our community continues to grow each and every day. We believe in order to grow and expand we must invest in the infrastructure, busineses and people. We do this by attracting new talent, creating new jobs and providing resources to our partners.


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